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About Us

During this new golf environment, we have all had to make a lot of changes.  To keep golf fun and safe, adhering to best practices is crucial to keeping golf courses open.  Limited tee times, social distancing, and not touching the flagstick have become common practice. 


Putter Lift was created by golfers to try to keep one aspect of golf as normal as possible, to “hole out”.


    Fully Adjustable, just rotate away from line of putt to not interfere

 - Once done with hole, rotate behind flagstick as a courtesy to the next group

  • Simple Installation, slide down flagstick (made to accommodate ¾” tapered flagsticks)
  • Allows golfers to hole out, no more upside down cups or pool noodles
  • Allows golfers to record a true score for handicap purposes
  • Durable, made from aluminum and powder coated red
  • Rubber Handle to protect putters
  • AND most importantly, it allows the golfer to remove the ball from the hole without touching anything


Unlike other products, there is no affixing to flagstick.  There is no wire that could still affect putts from a certain direction.  And it is significantly cheaper to outfit your entire golf course.  Putter Lift is the smart and responsible solution to keep the great game of golf as normal as possible during these trying times.

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