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100 Putter Lifts™ (Wholesale)

100 Putter Lifts™ (Wholesale)

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Putter Lift™ is a simple, sturdy, non interfering solution for putting. Use your putter to move the handle away from the ball, sink your putt, and lift the Putter Lift™ handle to remove your ball from the hole. It's Simple, It's Clean, and It's Effective. 

No attachment to flag stick, just slide down from the top.

No-touch movement. Use your putter to move the handle away from the ball.

No-touch retrieving. Use your putter on the Putter Lift™ handle to lift the ball out of the hole. 


  • All Aluminum construction with powder coating. No Rust and High Visibility.
  • Rubberized handle to protect putters from damage.
  • Lightweight, allowing most impacts from the ball to move Putter Lift™ out of the way, allowing the ball to drop naturally.